Mr. Bob Brainerd
    2019 - 2020
            BRINCKERHOFF & GAYHEAD             


    My Office Hours during school closure:
    (Reach me by email during this time for a quicker reply.)
    M-F;  9:00-10:30
    Emails beyond these hours will be answered asap..

    Links to my Google Classrooms for each Band:
    Please email me for your Google Classroom code.

    All Concerts have been postponed.
    Stay tuned for updates!

    Beginning 5th Grade Band ~ 2019-20
    View my slideshow from this past April 24th "Welcome Night"
    for all incoming 5th Gr. Band students.
    Also, please download these files that were handed out that night!
    (Be sure to have all supplies including the required Lesson Book & Reeds - if Oboe, Clar., Sax)

    Got 13 minutes to spare?
    Wondering if studying Music in school or playing an instrument in Band or Orchestra is worth it or necessary?
    Grab a cup o' joe and watch this brief video!

    The Value of Music Education

    a TED Talk with Richard Gill

    {If the Closed Captioning is annoying, just click the "CC" button at the bottom of the screen.} 

    2019 - 2020
    5th & 6th Grade Band Rehearsal Schedule:
    BR 5th Band: Day 1 @ 8:40
    BR 6th Band: Days 1 & 4 @ 10:00
    GH 5th Band "A" (32, 34, 35): Day 2 @ 2:25
    GH 5th Band "B" (14, 30, 33, 37): Day 5 @ 2:25
    GH 6th Band: Days 3 & 6 @ 2:25

    Brinckerhoff Elementary:
    5th Band: Day-1;  6th Band: Days-1 & 4
    Ph.: 897-6800 
    Gayhead Elementary:
    5th Band-A: Day-2; 5th Band-B: Day-5;
    6th Band: Days-3 & 6
    Ph.: 227-1756

    Voicemail ext.: #50561 (available when calling either school)