• Name: Cristine Blake
    Grade: Fourth Grade
    Email: cristine.blake@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-227-1770  Extension 13111

    About The Teacher:

    Mrs. Cristine Blake has always known that she wanted to be a teacher.  
    As a teenager and young adult she worked as a nanny for newborn triplet 
    girls, a five year old girl, and an eight year old boy.  She worked 
    for that family for six years while going to college to be a 
    teacher.  Mrs. Blake received an Associate Degree in Early Childhood 
    Development and a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education Pre-K-6.  During 
    that time she worked in a nursery school, pre-first, and fifth grade 
    classrooms.  Mrs. Blake has a Masters Degree in Special Education in order 
    to help her better understand the learning styles of all her students.
    After being hired as a long-term substitute teacher for a year (oddly 
    enough in third grade), she was offered a permanent job at Fishkill 
    Plains.  She was VERY excited to say the least!  She taught third 
    grade for 17 years.  Mrs. Blake joined the fourth grade team 
    for the 2016-2017 school year and it looking forward to another great year!
    In her spare time, Mrs. Blake enjoys the outdoors (especially the 
    beach), reading fiction novels, and spending time with her three children.  
    Mrs. Blake is married to a wonderful man named Robert.   Mr. and Mrs. Blake 
    have a six year old daughter, Ava Grace, who will be entering first grade in 
    the fall of 2018.  Their four year old twins, Alivia Jane and Joseph James, will
    continue preschool in September.
    Fourth Grade is a wonderful age to teach, both challenging and 
    rewarding.  The children learn a lot this year that will be carried with them 
    through their school career.  Mrs. Blake is looking forward to an exciting year
    with your children!  See you in September!
    Mission For The Class:
    To learn as much as possible in a hands-on and creative learning environment 
    that stimulates educational and social interaction.