• Name:    Señora Díaz   

    Subject:    Spanish 2 

                      Advanced Spanish 2 for Heritage & Native Speakers

    Classroom lessons and assignments will be posted  in the Google classroom 

    • Spanish 2  Period 1 Class code  dhwxruv

    • Adv Spa 2  Period 2 Class code   6rrpr64

    • Spanish 2  Period 5 Class code   nil4w3u

    • Adv Spa 3  Period 6 Class code   gqowoua

    • Spanish 2  Period 8 Class code  gm4bx7n

    Please do not hesistate to contact me via email if you have problems or concerns

    Email:   cynthia.diaz@wcsdny.org

    Phone:845-298-5100 ext 31034  Roy C. Ketcham High School


    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!