•  Students & Parents


    I hope everyone is doing well and getting through these challenging times.  Going forward, I will be using Google Classroom, the REMIND app, to communicate with you all.  I sent out emails with ALL the information to log into both Google Classroom and REMIND.  I will also attach the passcodes for each one of my classes below.  All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  If anyone needs to reach me, you can do so using the REMIND app or email me at my email address:


    The following are the passcodes for each Google Classroom that I have set up.  

    Per. 1  GEOMETRY  passcode - fjvotb2

    Per. 3  INTRO TO COLLEGE MATH  passcode - fm3g456

    Per. 5  INTRO TO COLLEGE MATH  passcode - ccp3hjn

    Per. 7  ALGEBRA  passcode - t7z2zej

    Per. 8  ALGEBRA  passcode - soxok54