• Name: Mr. Casey
    Subject: ELA 11-Regents; Writers Workshop; Media Writing; DCC Public Speaking; Proscenium Adviser
    Email: james.casey@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-897-6700 Extension 178
    Welcome Message:  ELA 11-Regents provides each student with the opportunity to develop their reading comprehension and writing skills for college and beyond, as well as an in depth analysis and appreciation of a variety of classic and new texts. 

    Writers Workshop is a course for the student who enjoys creative writing and is seeking constructive criticism in a supportive community of writers. 

    Media Writing is intended to give the student an opportunity to develop their writing skills in a variety of mediums with focus on the internet, television, film and print. 
    DCC Public Speaking gives each student the opportunity to refine their presentation skills in a supportive setting while earning 3 college credits transferable to any institution of higher education.