Wappingers Junior High
75 Years of Excellence
Thank you for your generosity! 



Wappingers JHS will be 75 years young
in 2015. On September 16, 2014 there was
a brief ceremony to commemorate
the 1939 cornerstone.
Thank you to our
Interim Superintendent Jose Carrion,
Asst. Superintendent Joseph Corrigan
and Dr. Mullen for saying a few words.
Thank you also to Ms. Barrett and the
7th and 8th Grade Chorus for their performance.
Additional festivities will be planned and
conducted during the 2015-16 school year.



Photo ID
Please be aware that all doors to the school will be locked during the school day.
Visitors are asked to please enter 
the school using the front door (flagpole side). Please have photo identification ready to show
to school personnel before you will be admitted. Upon admittance you will be asked to sign in
and issued an ID card. Thank you for your cooperation.
 School Motto
Students Should
Be Respectful, Responsible,Safe and Involved
in a Positive Manner.



30 Major McDonald Way
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Fax 845-298-5156