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Algebra 1B Regents (Common Core)

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Algebra 1B is a REGENTS course which culminates in June with the Algebra I Common Core Regents Exam. You must pass BOTH the course and the Regents Exam to graduate!  


Materials Needed


A binder for packets, quizzes/tests, and LOOSE LEAF paper. I give LOTS of handouts & packets in lieu of handing out a textbook so you will need somewhere to keep them organized. A 1-2 inch binder would be fine, or you may use a section of a larger binder, as long as you keep your math stuff separate from the other subjects.


A separate spiral/composition notebook to write down classwork problems. Some class problems are completed in the packets that I hand out but you will need a notebook for additional examples and warm up problems.  


YOU WILL COMPLETE ALL HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS AND QUIZZES/TESTS IN PENCIL. If you choose to use pen for class notes, that is fine. Come to class with a pencil as well so you can take advantage of time at the end of class to start your homework.    


Scientific calculator OR a TI-84 (plus) graphing calculator**

** You will have a graphing calculator to use during class and it would be beneficial to have one at home as well since it does make a lot of the  work easier. However, a scientific calculator at home for homework will be fine. 




► All homework is to be completed in pencil on loose leaf paper, and organized as shown on the separate homework template handout. During the first few weeks of school, your assignments will be collected and graded daily, according to the rubric on the separate handout. There will be a homework bin in the front of the classroom on my desk for you to put your homework as you walk in. If your homework is not in the bin by the time the late bell rings, you will receive 1 point on the assignment. If you have time to chat with your friends, you had time to get your homework handed in J If you walk in after the bell without a pass, consider the 1 point a consequence of your tardy. If you have a pass for being late, hand in your pass with your homework and it may still be awarded full credit.   



If you are legally absent, you have as many school days to make up homework assignments as you are absent. Example: If you are LEGALLY absent 3 days, you have 3 school days to make up that work. If you are absent and you do not show me a legal pass I will give you the work you missed but you can’t receive credit for it! 



HOMEWORK BONUS: For each week that you earn FULL credit on ALL homework assignments (minimum of 3 assignments), you will receive 2 bonus points. You are earning extra credit for doing what you should be doing in the first place!

Quizzes & Tests


You can expect both announced and un-announced quizzes throughout the year. Unit tests will be announced in advance. If you are absent and you do NOT present a legal pass you will receive a zero on a quiz/test if you missed one that day! THE LEGAL PASS MUST BE PRESENTED WITHIN 2 SCHOOL DAYS TO MAKE UP THE EXAM FOR CREDIT!


YOU WILL HAVE 2 MAJOR EXAMS this year…a mid-term and the  Algebra I Common Core Regents Exam in June. The Regents is based on material covered both this year AND last year. Your Regents Exam grade is also your final exam grade on your report card and is worth 20% of your overall average!   


Computing your Quarterly Averages


I use a “total points earned” system for calculating your average. I add up all the points you earn and divide that sum by the total points you could have earned.


                                    Student #1                              Student #2                              Student #3


                                    Earn     Possible                       Earn     Possible                       Earn     Possible


HW                             120      120                                90     120                                60     120                 

Tests/Quizzes             450      500                              350     500                              240     500

HW/Notes Quizzes     100      100                                80     100                                 40     100

Average:                      670      720      (93%)              520     720      (72%)              340      720      (47%)

BONUS J                  50                                            50                                          50

New Average:             720      720      (100%)            570     720      (79%)              390      720      (54%)



EXTRA HELP: I will do my best to be available on Thursday afternoons from 2-3. I may need to change the day of the week every now and then J   Please don’t wait until after a quiz/test to come for help! You should know by your homework results whether or not you truly understand the material.