Mary Keefe
Name: Ms. Mary Reid
Subject: Earth Science
Email:                                            Blue Marble, Eastern Hemisphere          
Phone: (845) 897-6700 ex 30033
Welcome Message: I would like to welcome students to Earth Science.  My personal goal is for my students to acquire a greater understanding of the way the physical Earth works and the "laws" that can be used to predict future changes on Earth.  Earth Science is an exciting subject to teach since every day there are events that are modifying the Earth.  For example, last week, there was a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in California, Hawaii had a threat of 2 hurricanes within days of each other earlier in August and right now Hurricane Christobal is kicking up very high surfs along the East coast.  Together we will be looking for explanations for these and other Earth Science events.
I hope you use these pages as references for information and also a way to keep up with assignments when you are absent.