Team 6C


Tuesday, April 22nd - Bud, Not Buddy packet pages 6-7 #1-10
Monday, March 24th - Bud Packet: Chapter 3-5 questions

Tuesday, March 18th - Bud, Not Buddy packet page 2-3 #1-8

Monday, March 17th - Bud, Not Buddy Graphic organizer
Monday, March 3rd - Scope Critical Thinking WS

Wednesday, Feb. 26th - Tracing an Author's Argument pages 1-3

Tuesday, Feb. 11th - Scope Vocabulary

Wednesday, Jan. 29th - Lightning Thief chapt. 21-22 WS

Thursday, Jan. 23rd - Lightning Thief chapt. 19-20 WS

Monday, Jan. 13th - Lightning Thief: finish chapter 18, complete WS

Wednesday, Jan. 8th - Lightning Thief chapt. 15-16 WS (finish reading chapter 16)

Monday, Jan. 6th - Lightning Thief chapt. 13-14 WS

Tuesday, Dec. 10th - Lightning Thief chapt. 11-12 WS,  Complete(read) Chapt. 12

Wednesday, Dec. 4th - Read Chapter 10 in The Lightning Thief:  Do WS for chapters 9-10

Monday, Dec. 2nd - Lightning Thief Chapt 7-8 WS

Monday, Nov. 4th - Lightning Thief WS Chapter 3-4

Wednesday, Oct. 30th - Lightning Thief WS

Tuesday, Oct. 8th -
CRASH Chapt 33-37 WS,  Comic Strip rough draft due Thursday 10/10

Tuesday, Oct. 1st - CRASH Chapt. 19-22 WS

Thursday, Sept. 26th - Crash WS
Wednesday, Sept. 25th - Synonym WS, make sure you completed the Crash & Penn Webb paragraph

Tuesday, Sept.16th - Read and sign "Finding the Right Book" WS