Team 6C

Friday 6/20
All Myths assignments should have been turned in... TEST GRADE!!!!!!!!! 
Thursday 6/19
1.  Acrostic Poem for "The Mysterious Visitors"
*Use a character from the story
*Poem should be in verse form, not singular words 
*colorful and decorated 
2.  Sign Quiz #2
3.  Quiz #4 and the Greek Gods and Goddesses quizzes are tomorrow!!!!!! 
Wednesday 5/18
1.  Summaries are due if you didn't get it to me today!!!! 
2.  Quiz #3 tomorrow!!!
3.  Quiz #4 and the Gods & Goddess's Quiz on Friday!!!!! 
Tuesday 6/17
Greek Fest Today!!!!!!!!!!! 
**See what's due from Monday!!!!!!  Quiz tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
Monday 6/16
1.  Summary on "Journey to the Underworld"
*A paragraph of 8-10 sentences telling the important details of the story in chronological order
*on loose-leaf
*due Wednesday 
2.  Quiz #1 signed
3.  Quiz #3 on Wednesday!!!!! 
Friday 6/13
1.  Tapestry picture for "The Weaving Contest"
*Picture of god or goddess with border related to the character chosen
2.  Quiz 2 on 3 myths read today on Monday!!!!  
hep           art
Thursday 6/12
1.  "Chariot of the Sun God" Comic retelling
*Detailed, colorful retelling of the story...
*using pictures, captions,speech and thought bubbles 
2.  Quiz tomorrow 3 myths read today!!!! 
Wednesday 6/11
sm  No Homework!!!!!!!
Tuesday 6/10
Finish Greek Folder if not finished in class!!!!!!!
 Monday 6/9
 Study for math!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spk week
Friday 6/6
Remember ELA Final Monday!!!!!!!!!  Come Prepared!!!!!  Review ELA and Reading Notes!!!!!!!! 
Thursday 6/5
1. Who Might Have
2.  Gods and Goddesses ws. 
Wednesday 6/4
1.  Name the Greek Gods and Goddesses
2.  The Gods of Mt. Olympus ws. 
Some helpful links!!!!!                            
Tuesday 6/3
sm  No Homework!!!!!
Monday 6/2
sm  No Homework!!!!!
*Finished Point of View Task Cards today!!!!!!! 
Friday 5/30
Five Fest!!!  No class today!!!!!
Thursday 5/29
sm  No Homework!!!
**********ELA Final June 6*********** 
Wednesday 5/28
Last Book Order!!!!!  
Orders due by check or online by Friday June 6!!!!!!
Tuesday 5/27
sm  No Homework!!!!!!!
Friday 5/23
1sm  No Homework!!!!!!!
Thursday 5/22
sm No Homework!!!!!!
*Point of View Task Cards today!!!!!! 
Wednesday 5/21
sm No Homework!!!!!
*Double period of ELA today!!!!!! 
Tuesday 5/20
Finish Narrative Perspective packet
**Use notebook to help!!!
**Highlight clue words!!!
 ***Look at whose feelings are revealed to determine which form of Third Person is being used!!!! 
 first    third
Monday 5/19 
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
Friday 5/16
sm  No Homework!!!!
Thursday 5/15
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
Wednesday 5/14
Finish Informational Text Packet
*****if necessary!!!! **Make sure everything is answered in complete sentences!!!!!!! 
Tuesday 5/13
sm No Homework!!!!!! 
*Still working on Informational Text Comprehension with our partners...
Monday 5/12
sm  No Homework!!!!  Just read!!!!!!!!
Friday 5/9
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
Thursday 5/8
sm  No Homework!!!!!
Wednesday 5/7
Non-fiction Text Structure ws.
**Highlight the clue words!!!!!!! 
Tuesday 5/6
1.  Text Structure ws.  ***Highlight Clue Words!!!
 Use your notes and text structure booklet to help if needed!!!!!!!
(Picture of text structure booklet can be found under 3/27 homework below!!!)
2.  Book Orders due tomorrow!!!!!!!  Checks or online orders!!!!!!!!  **See left column on Ms. Schukal's Teacher page     for placing online orders!!!! 
Monday 5/5 
Book Orders Due Wednesday 5/7
Friday 5/2
sm  No Homework!!!!
 ***Math State Testing!!!!! 
Thursday 5/1
sm  No Homework!!!!!!!
***Math State Testing!!!!!!!!!! 
Wednesday 4/30
sm  No Homework!!!!
*********Math State Testing!!!!!!!! 
Tuesday 4/29
sm  No Homework!!!!!
**Math State Exams begin tomorrow!!!!!!!! 
Monday 4/28 
sm  No Homework!!!!!!!!
**No Reading Logs again this week due to state testing!!!!!  Reading logs will be back next week!!!!!!!
Friday 4/25
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
Scientist Research in the Library: Double Period 
Thursday 4/24
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
Wednesday 4/23
Double period block of ELA today!!!!! 
Tuesday 4/22
sm  No Homework!!!!!!!
Monday 4/21
No School!!!  Superintendent's Conference Day!!!!!
Friday 4/11
Five Fest!!!!!  No ELA!!!!!!! 
Thursday 4/10
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
***Analyzing Test Structure!!!! 
Wednesday 4/9
sm  No Homework!!!!!
***Working on Text Structure!!!! 
Tuesday 4/8
Sign Author's Purpose Quiz 
Monday 4/7
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
***No Reading Log this week!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep Reading!!!!!!!!!!! 
Friday 4/4
Sign Character & Plot Quiz
Thursday 4/3
New York State ELA Exams!!!!!!!! LAST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Wednesday 4/2
New York State ELA Exams!!!!  No Class!!!!! 
Tuesday 4/1
New York State ELA Exams!!!!  No Class!!!!! 
Monday 3/31
New York State ELA Testing Begins Tomorrow!!!!!
  • Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 6th grade is on 2 hour delay schedule.
  • Get a good night's sleep!!!
  • Eat a healthy breakfast packed with PROTEIN!!!! 
  • Bring...2-3 Sharpened #2 Pencils, a highlighter, an eraser, & water bottle!!! (*keep hydrated during the test)
  • In the morning, go to locker and report to assigned testing room with above mentioned supplies.
  • Relax, be calm, and do your best!!!  You are well prepared!!!!
Friday 3/28
Medieval Times Field Trip!!!!!!! 
Thursday 3/27
1.  Finish Text Structure model (color, cut, match, & paste)
2.  Text Structure Packet
***Everything due Monday!!!!!!! 
text structure  
Wednesday 3/26
Inference Packet 
Tuesday 3/25
Finish Character and Plot packet
*Quiz Grade 
Monday 3/24 
Author's Purpose Questions 17-24
*on loose leaf
**Provide at least 1 piece of evidence to support your choice!!!! 
Friday 3/21
sm  No Homework!!!!!!!!  Author's Purpose Task Cards today!!!!!!!
Thursday 3/20
sm No Homework!!!!!  Double Period of ELA Today!!!!!!!! 
Wednesday 3/19
sm  No Homework!!!!!!!
 **Library Research today!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday 3/18 
sm  No Homework!!!!
***Author's Purpose Task Cards!!!!!! 
Monday 3/17 sham
No Homework!!!!!!!!
**Starting Author's Purpose Task Cards!!!!! 
Friday 3/14
Author's Purpose Packet due Monday!!!
Reading Logs due Monday!!!!
*****Field Trip Stuff due Monday!!!!!!*****
Thursday 3/13
Author's Purpose Packet 
Wednesday 3/12
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
**Author's Purpose Packet is held off until tomorrow!!!!!! 
Tuesday 3/11
sm  No Homework!!!!!!!!
*Field Trip stuff due by 3/17
**Book Orders Due Tomorrow!!!!!!!! (Cash or Online orders only!!!!!!) 
Monday 3/10 
Sign Elements of Plot Quiz
*Field Trip stuff due by Monday 3/17
**Book Orders due Wednesday!!!!!!
Friday 3/7
sm  No Homework!!!!!
**Reading Logs due Monday!!!!! 
Thursday 3/6
1.  Field Trip Permission Slip due by 3/17 
2.  Honor's Forms due by Tomorrow!!!!! 
Wednesday 3/5
1.  "Amy's Day at the Lake" due tomorrow!!! 
2.  Quiz tomorrow!!! 
Tuesday 3/4
1.  Elements of Plot: "Amy's Day at the Lake"
2.  Elements of Plot Quiz Thursday 3/6
3.  Book Orders due Wednesday 3/12  
 **Checks made out to Scholastic only or order online via my website!!!
Monday 3/3
Elements of Plot: "What to do with Fido" 
Friday 2/28
sm No Homework!!!!!
**Reading Logs due Monday!!!!!!!!! 
Tomorrow's Griffin FridaysTheme is Dress Up for the Oscars!!!!!! 
 Get Red Carpet ready in your finest clothes!!!!!!!
oscar  red
Thursday 2/27
Plot Elements ws.  "Stranded in Wyoming" 
Wednesday 2/26
sm  No Homework!!!!!  Keep reading!!!!!!
Tuesday 2/25
sm  No Homework!!!!!!  Read, read, read!!!!!!!!
Monday 2/24 
Reading Logs went out today!!!  Read, read, read!!!!!
**Famous Scientist Rubrics should be signed and turned in!!!!
 ***Honors Forms due by March 7th!!!!! 
Tier 2 Words of the

respective -of or belonging to each one.    **The brothers' respective ages are sixteen and twenty three.

restrict -to keep within certain limits.   **His parents restricted him to his room. Can we restrict our discussion to one topic?

reverse -opposite in direction, position, or movement.   **The reverse side of the towel is softer.

role -the customary or expected behavior associated with a particular position in a society.   **She feared that she could not fulfill the role of a royal princess.

section -a part that is different or apart from the whole.   **I like living in this section of the city. Put the book back in the top section of the bookcase.

segment -one of the parts into which something is or can be separated.   **She divided the orange into segments. He wrote about one segment of our history.

select -to choose; pick.   **Please select the song you would like to play.

sequence -the order in which things follow one another.   **Classes at our school follow the same sequence every day.

Friday 2/21
sm  No Homework!!!!!  No Reading Log this week!!!!
Assembly on Cyber-bullying today!!!!!! 
Thursday 2/20
sm  No Homework!!!!!
*****Famous Scientist Rubric from Library should be signed and turned in!!!!!
Wednesday 2/19
sm  No Homework!!!!!
Friday 2/14-Tuesday 2/18
Thursday 2/13
Wednesday 2/12
No Homework!!!  
Reading Log due Wednesday 2/19!!! 
Tuesday 2/11
sm  No Homework!!!!
Monday 2/10
1.  New Reading log went out today!!!  READ!!!!!
2.  Honors Apps. 
Tier 2 Words of the Week jmp  

proceed -to move forward after a stop.   **After you give your name, you may proceed to the front of the line.


publish -to prepare and print something for the public to read.   **I work for a company that publishes magazines.


pursue -to follow in order to reach or catch; chase.   **The police officer pursued the thief on foot.


random -made or done without purpose or pattern; made or done by chance.   **I made a random choice of five books from the library.


range -the two end points or limits between which something can vary, or the distance between these two limits.   **In this school, the range of ages is from five to eleven. The paint store has a wide range of paint colors to choose from.


react -to act in a particular way because of something that happened.   **Sue reacted calmly when she heard the bad news.


region -an area of the earth's surface that has a certain type of land and climate.   **This tree grows only in tropical regions.


require -to make something necessary.   **When someone requires you to do something, you must do it. The law requires drivers to have insurance. The school requires physical examinations for all the children.

Friday 2/7
Honors Applications went out today!!!
These applications must be returned by all students even if you are not applying for honors!!!! 
Thursday 2/6
sm No Homework!!!!! 
Wednesday 2/5
Tuesday 2/4
sm  No Homework!!!!
*Library Today!!! 
**Working on Science Research Project!!!! 
Monday 2/3 
Sign Restating the Question Quiz
Friday 1/31
sm  No Homework!!!!!
**Finished Restate It! Quiz today!!!!! 
Thursday 1/30
Sign Coraline Test
*Corrections due tomorrow on looseleaf!!!!!
(Test must be signed to accept corrections)
Wednesday 1/29
Restating the Question ws. 
Tuesday 1/28
sm  No Homework!!!!!  Library Today!!!!!
Monday 1/27
sm  No Homework!!!!!
*New Reading Logs went out today!!!!!!!  READ!!!!!!!!
**Starting Restating the Question Quiz today!!!!!!! 
Tier 2 Words of the Week jmp

phenomenon -a happening or fact that can be seen or known through the senses.   **A hurricane is an example of a weather phenomenon.

portion -a part of a whole.   **He read a portion of the book.

potential -able to come into being; possible.   **That broken stair is a potential danger.

precede -to come before in time.   **The movie was preceded by several ads for other movies.

precise -stated in a clear way and with details.   **Because of the precise directions, we were able to find the park.

presume -to take for granted; assume.   **I presumed you would wait for me even if I was late.

prime -first in importance.   **Sugar was the prime export of Hawaii for many years.

principle -a basic law or belief on which action or behavior is based.   **Our country's laws are based on the principles of liberty and justice for all.

Friday 1/24
1.  Reading Logs due Monday!!!!!!!
2.  Foreign Language Forms!!!!!!!
Thursday 1/23
1.  Restating the Question ws.
2.  Foreign Language Form if you haven't turned it in!!!!! 
Wednesday 1/22
1.  Coraline Test Due Tomorrow!!!!!!
2.  Foreign Language forms due ASAP  *We almost have all returned!!!
3.  Book Orders Due by tomorrow!!!!!!! 
Tuesday 1/21
1.   Coraline Test
*Use Coraline book and Reading Notebook to answer questions in Complete Sentences!!!!!
**Due Thursday 1/23
*****Use Evidence book mark for sentence starters for your evidence!!!!!! 
***Do a little each day!!!  DO NOT leave until the night before!!!!!!!
****All quotes must include (page numbers)!!!!!
2.  Foreign Language Forms Due ASAP!!!!! 
3.  Book Orders due Thursday 1/23 
Monday 1/20
Friday 1/17
Coraline Test
*Use Coraline book and Reading Notebook to answer questions in Complete Sentences!!!!!
**Due Thursday 1/23
***Do a little each day!!!  DO NOT leave until the night before!!!!!!!
****All quotes must include (page numbers)!!!!!
*****Use Evidence book mark for sentence starters for your evidence!!!!!! 
Thursday 1/16
 1.  Complete the evidence chart for the elements of a Hero's Journey "The End" to support the archetype present in Coraline...
 2.  Book Orders due 1/23
*Check made out to Scholastic or Online Order!!!
**Go to the Scholastic book order link on my personal page to do online orders!!!!
Wednesday 1/15
Complete the evidence chart for the elements of a Hero's Journey "The End" to support the archetype present in Coraline...
*We cited 4 quotes from Pages 159-161 in class for Restoring the World.
**Use direct quotes, including page numbers!!!!
***The assignment is now due FRIDAY!!!!!! 
Tuesday 1/14
Complete the evidence chart for "The End" of the Hero's Journey in Reading Notebook
*Due Thursday!!!!!
Tier 2 Words of the Week jmp

magnitude -size or extent.   **The magnitude of the universe can make us feel small.

major -very important.   **The economy is a major issue in the campaign for president.

manipulate -to handle or operate skillfully with the hands.   **He manipulated the clay to form a tiny sculpture. Do you know how to manipulate the controls?

method -a regular or proven way of doing something.   **He has his own method of working.

minimum -the smallest possible amount or number.   **There is an age minimum for this movie.

modify -to change in some way; alter.   **They modified the language of the play so that the younger children could understand it.

negative -saying or meaning "no."   **He gave a negative answer to the question.

notion -an idea, opinion, or view.   **I have no notion of what you mean.

Monday 1/13 
Finish Prairie Reading Activity
*Finding the Main Idea and 5 pieces of Evidence from the article to support it
**Make 4 illustrations using details from each of the four paragraphs
***Answer the comprehension questions at the end of the article 
Friday 1/10
sm  No Homework!!!!  Reading Logs due Monday!!!!!!
Thursday 1/9
sm  No Homework!!!!  Just Read!!!!!!!  Reading Logs due Monday!!!!!!!
Wednesday 1/8
Citing evidence to support the Middle Elements of the Hero's Journey due tomorrow!!!!
**Evidence should be direct quotes, parts or whole sentences, that support each element.  There will be many quotes to support each.  Make sure to include page numbers!!!! 
Tuesday 1/7
Finish evidence chart in notebook for the Middle Elements of the Hero's Journey
*Use direct quotes and page numbers!!!!! Be Detailed!!!!
(Due Thursday!!!)
Monday 1/6 
sm No Homework!!!  READ!!!!!!
*New Reading Logs went out today!!!!!  Make sure you are recording your reading in school and at home each day!!!!! 
Friday 12/20
Relax and Enjoy your Holiday Break!!!!  See you next Year!!!!! 
Thursday 12/19
sm  No Homework!!!!!
**Library Today!!!!!!! 
Wednesday 12/18
 sm No Homework!!!!!
Tuesday 12/17
Monday 12/16 
In notebook...
1.  What is the theme of Coraline?  What message or lesson do you think Neil Gaiman wants you as the reader to come away with from Coraline's experiences?  Why do you think this?
2.  What did you think of the story?  Free write with lots of details!!!  Let me know your thoughts!!!!  
 Tier 2 Words of the Week jmp

identify -to find out or show who someone is or what something is. She identified him as the criminal.                    He is good at identifying trees.

ignore -to refuse to recognize or notice.   **She ignored me at the dance.

illustrate -to provide pictures to go along with written material.   **He illustrated the children's book with pictures of dinosaurs.

impact -the coming together of objects with great force.   **The impact of the bus against the tree                   cracked the windshield.

implicit -implied rather than directly stated.   **She realized that his words, complimentary on the                        surface, contained an implicit insult. Her rejection of his proposal was implicit in her silence.

imply -to hint or suggest without saying directly.   **When she said that the floor was dirty, she                      was implying that I should mop it.

indicate -to show or point out. Can you indicate your street on the map?

individual -single, separate, or different from others. You need to water each individual plant.

Friday 12/12
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
**Reading Log due Monday!!!!!! 
Thursday 12/12
sm  No Homework!!!!!!!
Wednesday 12/11
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
As always, Read and be filling out your reading log!!!!!!! 
Tuesday 12/10
sm  No Homework!!!!!
*Please fix up your evidence according to today's discussion if necessary!!!! 
Monday 12/9 
Finish Evidence Chart in Reading Notebook for Hero's Journey: Beginning
*Evidence should be sentences or phrases quoted directly from the book.  
**Please include a page number for each piece of evidence. 
***Evidence should support that the novel Coraline follows the Hero's Journey ARCHETYPE!!!!!
Tier 2 Words of the Week jump  

feasible -capable of being done, carried out, or brought about; possible.   **The project seemed quite feasible when they started, but they soon ran into an obstacle. Finishing by March is a feasible objective in our opinion.


fluctuate -to vary or change irregularly; rise and fall.   **The price of gold continually fluctuates. My appetite fluctuates; some days I'm hungry all the time and other days I don't feel like eating at all.


focus -the area of greatest attention or activity.   **The focus of the report was changes in the economy.


formulate -to state in precise or systematic terms.  **The students formulated a hypothesis to test for their experiment.


function -the purpose for which an object or a person is used.   **The function of a police officer is to keep the peace. The function of scissors is to cut things.


generate -to bring into being or to produce.   **The human body generates heat.


guarantee -a promise that something you have bought will work well. If it does not, the store must either repair it or give you a new one.   **There is a two year guarantee on my new computer.


hypothesis -a prediction or educated guess that can be tested and can be used to guide further study.   **This chapter explains scientists' new hypothesis about the birth of stars.


Friday 12/6
sm  No Homework!!!!!!
*Reading Log due Monday!!!!!!! 
Thursday 12/5
Library Today!!!!!!  Read, Read, Read!!!!!!! 
Wednesday 12/4
sm  No Homework!!!!!  Read!!! Read!!!! Read!!!!
**Think about archetypes and characters that exhibit characteristics of the hero... 
Tuesday 12/3
Just read!!!!...Get Comfy and Just Do it!!!!!!!!  
Reminder!!!  You should be reading 20-30 minutes a night and filling in the HOME side of your reading log!!!  Use the Thinking Stems in your Reading Log folder to vary your responses and think about your reading in different ways!!!! 
Monday 12/2
In Reading Notebook: Describe where and how Coraline got each of the three souls of the ghost children.
Cite (quote with page numbers) at least one piece of evidence for each answer!!!
Tier 2 Words of the Week jmp
environment-the objects and conditions that exist in a place and influence how people feel and develop.   **A safe environment is important for the proper development of a child. Problems with the boss create a bad work environment.

equate -to make or consider to be equal or equivalent.   **Classroom learning is essential, but it cannot be equated with experience on the job. Her parents equate money with success.

equivalent -the same as or equal to another in force, value, measure, or meaning.   **Three feet is equivalent to one yard.

establish -to start or make something that did not exist before. He established a new business last year.

evaluate-to judge or set the value of.   **The magazine evaluated ten new cars.

evident-easily seen; clear.   **Her happiness was evident to all.

expand-to make larger or wider.   **The supermarket expanded its parking lot.

expose-to show something that you usually cannot see.   **We pulled up the carpet and exposed the wood floor.

external-of the outside or outer part. He cleaned only the external surfaces of the oven
Tuesday 11/26
sm  No Homework!!!!!
 **No Reading log over the break!!!
Monday 11/25
Parent Conferences...No Class Today!!!!! 
****Keep Reading!!! Logs are due Tomorrow!!!!!!
Friday 11/22
Parent Conferences...No Class Today!!!!! 
****Keep Reading!!! Logs are due Tuesday!!!!!! 
Thursday 11/21
Parent Conferences...No Class Today!!!!! 
****Keep Reading!!! Logs are due Tuesday!!!!!! 
Wednesday 11/20
sm  No Homework!!!!!
Reading Logs are due Tuesday of next week!!!!!!  Please continue Reading!!!!!!! 


Polyjuice Potion Contest

Due Date for Entries: January 07, 2014

Here’s a chance for truly serious Harry Potter fan to win a trip to New York to meet the editors of Harry Potter! Just write an essay (no more than 1 page) that answers this question: If you took a sip of polyjuice potion and became another person for a few hours, who would you be and what would you do?

** To enter, students must write an essay (no more than one page) that answers this question: If you took a sip of Polyjuice potion and became another person for a few hours, who would you be and what would you do?
Each entry must include:
student's name: Your name
teacher's name: Ms. Schukal
school name: Van Wyck Junior High
grade: 6
school address: 6 Hillside Lake Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
phone number: (845) 227-1700
Entries must be mailed to:
Polyjuice Potion Essay Contest
P.O. Box 714
New York, NY 10013-0714
Entries must be received by January 7, 2014. No other means of entry accepted. 
*There will be one (1) Grand-Prize Winner who will receive an all-expense-paid trip for two (winner and parent or legal guardian) to New York City to visit Scholastic headquarters, have lunch with member(s) of the Harry Potter editorial team, and go on a $300 shopping spree in The Scholastic Store. 
** There will be ten (10) Runner-Up Winners who will receive a World of Harry Potter Library. 
Tuesday 11/19
Read and complete Reading log!!! *This should be happening EVERY night!!!!!
**Library Today!!!!!!!! 
Monday 11/18
1.  Reread Coraline pages 89-97.  Flag evidence of Imagery. You can use this for your reading log tonight!!!!!
2.  Write evidence in chart in your Reading Notebook. (*At least 5 More!!!)
3.  Sign Coraline Quiz 1
Tier 2 Words of the Week  jmp

distortto twist out of shape; change the way a thing looks or acts.   **The ripples in the pond distorted his reflection.

elaborate -develop or present (a theory, policy, or system) in detail.  **The key idea of the book is expressed in the title and elaborated in the text.

element-a basic part of any whole.   **One element of this recipe is missing.

emphasizeto give particular attention to something.   **The president emphasized the importance of education.

empiricalbased on or verifiable by experience or experiment, rather than on or by theory.    **Claims for the effectiveness of the drug are based on empirical evidence.  Scientists use the empirical method so that their results can be verified.

ensureto make certain; cause to be a certainty.   **Those dark clouds ensure rain.

entity- anything that exists objectively and distinctly, whether nonliving or living; thing or being.   **A wife in those days was not viewed as a separate entity from her husband. As a corporation, the business is a distinct entity and must pay its own taxes.


Friday 11/15
sm  No Homework!!!!!
**Reading Logs due Monday!!!!
***End of the First Marking Period Today!!!!!!! 
Thursday 11/14
sm  No Homework!!!!!!  Just READ!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday 11/13
1.  In notebook, write a 2-3 sentence gist of what chapter 7 is about.
2.  Describe who Coraline meets in Chapter 7.  Cite evidence from the text to support your description. 

 “Get the Gist”

1.      Find the most important WHO or WHAT

2.      Find the most important THING about who or what.

3.      Put BOTH most important who or what and most important information about who or what to form the main idea statement.

Tuesday 11/12
sm  No Homework!!!
**Library Today!!!!!  New Reading Logs went out today!!!!! 
Tier 2 Words dr of the Week... 

demonstrate -to show how to do something.   **The physical education teacher demonstrated some new exercises.


denote -to be a mark or sign of.   **A flashing red light denotes danger.


derive -to obtain from a particular source (usually followed by "from").   **Many medicines have ingredients derived from plants.


design -to draw plans for the form or structure of something.   **She designs and makes her own clothes. He designed an addition to his house.


devise -to invent or think out.   **She devised a plan to earn money.


devote -to give to a purpose; dedicate.   **They devoted their time and energy to helping others.


dimension -size as measured in length, width, or depth.   **The dimensions of the box are two feet long, one foot wide, and six inches deep.


distinct -different or separate.   **There are many distinct kinds of dogs.

Monday 11/11
Friday 11/8
sm  No Homework!!!!
****Reading Logs are due Tuesday!!!!! 
Thursday 11/7
Coraline Quiz due tomorrow!!!!!!!
***Use book and notebook to answer questions and provide evidence!!!!!! 
Wednesday 11/6
Coraline Quiz Due Friday 11/8
*Use Coraline novel and your Reading Notebook to answer questions and cite evidence!!!!! 
Tuesday 11/5
Election Day!!!  No School!!! 
Monday 11/4
ss  No Homework!!!!
*New Reading Logs went out today!!!! Continue to READ!!!!!!!
**We worked on citing evidence and making inferences on Chapter 5 with our groups today.
No School Tomorrow!!!!! 
Tier 2 Words of the Week jj  

contribute -to give something for a purpose.   **The contributed time and money to the animal shelter.

convert -to change into a different form or state.   **This sofa converts to a bed. He converted to his wife's religion.

create -to bring into being.   **The chef created a new dish.

criterion -a standard or test by which to judge or decide.   **Power is only one criterion of a car's quality.

crucial -very important; deciding the success or failure of something.   **It is crucial that you follow directions during a fire drill. The surgeon had reached a crucial moment during the operation.

data -facts, figures, or other pieces of information that can be used in different ways.    **Computers are used to store large amounts of data. Data about the U.S. population is collected every ten years.

define -to explain the meaning of a word or phrase.   **This dictionary defines hundreds of words.

definite -clear or exact.   **I have no definite plans for Friday night. I have a definite reason for wanting it this way.

Friday 11/1
ff  No Homework!!!
**Reading Logs due Monday!!!!!!!! 
***Picture Retake Day is MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you never got your picture taken, order forms are in the main office.  If you are just getting a retake, bring your old pictures with you!!!! 
Thursday 10/31
Wednesday 10/30
Reread Chapter 5 starting on page 49.  What does Coraline think about during this chapter? 
*Use post-it notes to flag evidence of Coraline's thinking and make notes about what you think we can learn from it.
Tuesday 10/29
Inference Chart for Chapter 3
*Need Coraline Book 
**Find dialogue, thoughts, and actions that reveal Coraline's personality.  Write the page number, copy the evidence from the book in quotes, and make an inference about what this tells you about her character. 
Monday 10/28 
nn  No Homework
*New Reading Logs went out today!!!!!
**Today was a Carousel of Quotes!!!!!  
******Picture Retake Day is November 4th!!!!!!!!!  If you never got your picture taken, order forms are in the main office.  If you are just getting a retake, bring your old pictures with you!!!! 
Tier 2 Words of the Week qq

conclude-to bring to an end; finish or complete.   **We concluded the meeting and went out for lunch.


consequence-that which follows; result.   **Her stomach pain was a consequence of eating too much.


consist-to be made up or formed of something.   **The United States consists of fifty states.


constant-going on without a pause.   **The dog's constant barking annoyed the neighbors.


construct-to build; put together.   **They constructed the garage in three days.


consult-to speak with someone or look up something to gain advice or information.   **Bob consulted the doctor about his pain. I consulted the dictionary to check the spelling of a word.


context-the setting of a word or phrase that affects its meaning.   **The meaning of the word "fly" changes depending on its context.


contrast-to compare in order to show differences.   **The book contrasted the lives of women a hundred years ago with the lives of women today.

Friday 10/25
Reading Logs due Monday!!!!! 
Thursday 10/24
pp  No Homework!!!!! 
*You should still be doing your Reading and Reading Log!!!!!!! 
Wednesday 10/23
1. O.W.L. in Reading Notebook
O: Something I observed or noticed in the reading...
W: What I wonder...
L: Something I learned or can link or connect to... 
2.  Sign Reading Comprehension Packets
"The Mermaid of Khona, Hawaii" and "Playtime" 
Tuesday 10/22
In Reading Notebook, Compare and Contrast Coraline's parents and her "other parents." 
**You can use a Double Bubble Map, a Venn diagram, or a T-Chart to organize information.
****This will be an ongoing exercise, so leave room to add more information!!!!! 
USE YOUR BOOK!!!!  Go Back into the Story!!!!!!!
Monday 10/21
1.  In Reading Notebook, provide examples of FORESHADOWING you found in chapters 1 & 2        of Coraline that may mean someting later on in the story.  
**Tell why you think they are foreshadowing and make a prediction about what they may mean... 
*******New Reading Logs went out today!!!!!!!! 
Tier 2 Words of the

complex -not simple.   **A computer is a complex machine. English spelling is complex.


complicate -to make more difficult to do or understand.   **The bad weather complicated our vacation plans.


comply -to do what is asked or demanded; act in agreement with a rule (sometimes followed by "with").   **I complied with my teacher's request that I get permission from my parents. Please comply with the campground's rule against littering.


component -a part of something.   **One of the components of the engine is missing. Vegetables are a component of a healthy diet.


comprehend -to understand.   **Do you comprehend the instructions?


conceive -to give shape to in the mind.   **She conceived a clever story.


concentrate -to make purer or stronger by taking away parts that are not necessary.

 **To concentrate some substances, you remove the water they contain. If you boil this sauce for a long        time, it will concentrate and get thick.


-a general idea or thought.   **The concept of marriage is different in different countries. My youngest child has difficulty learning new concepts.
Friday 10/18
1. Reading Logs are due Monday!!!!
2. Book Orders due Monday too!!!!!! 
Thursday 10/17
 "Play Time" Reading Comprehension Packet Due Tomorrow!!!!
***Keep working on Reading Logs!!!!!  Show me the Thinking!!!!!!! 
Wednesday 10/16
"Play Time" Reading Comprehension Packet Due Friday 
*Be sure to read the questions first.  Highlight the evidence to answer these questions as you read!!! Make sure you answer all parts of the question using the evidence from the text!
Tier 2 Words of the week... yy

assert -to state with force or confidence.    **He asserted his innocence.

assess -to set or try to find the importance or value of; evaluate; estimate.   **They assessed the damage to his car.

assign -to choose someone to do a particular thing.   **His boss assigned him to work the night shift.

assume-to think that something is true without knowing the facts or asking about them.   **Everyone assumed they were rich because they had a big house, many cars, and a swimming pool.

authorize-to give authority to.   **My mother authorized the doctor to treat my brother's broken arm.

automatic -working or operating by itself.   **This house has an automatic heating system.

chapter -one of the main parts of a book.   **The last chapter of this novel is the most exciting.

compensate -to pay or repay.   **I compensated him for the dinner he gave us.

Tuesday 10/15
1. Reading Log
**You should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night and filling in your log!!!!!  
2.  Book Orders Due Monday 10/21
*Check or online orders only!!!! 
Monday 10/14
******No School!!!!!! 
Friday 10/11
Reading Logs due Tuesday!!!!!
**Make sure you are showing your Thinking!!!!!!
Thursday 10/10
Choose 1 Reading Strategy Good Readers use and describe how you use this strategy in your reading!!!
***Use the play Now I Understand if you need to go back and remind yourself of the strategies of Making Connections, Questioning, Visualizing, Predicting, and Inferring.  
Wednesday 10/9
1. A Few Things I Would like to Accomplish as a Reader this Reading NB.
2.  "The Mermaid of Kona, Hawaii" Reading Comprehension Packet (*Quiz Grade!!!!) 
      **Read Questions First!!!  Highlight evidence as you read to answer the questions!!!!!
Tuesday 10/8
Read and fill in Reading logs
** Library Skills today!!!!! 
Monday 10/7
New Reading Logs handed out today!!!!
**Record pages, time spent reading, and use thinking stems to write reflections!!!!! 
Friday 10/4
Reading Logs due Monday!!!!!
***Use Thinking Stems for Reflection ideas!!!
*****All sections should be filled out for home and school!!!!  If there was a reason you couldn't read on a particular day, tell me                   why!!! 
Thursday 10/3
1.  What I've Done as a Reader that I am really Proud Reading NB.
2.  Reading Log
*Remember...Reading log will be turned in on Monday!!!  If you couldn't read for a particular night...Explain why!!! 
Wednesday 10/2
1.  Something I learned about Reading that I think others should do... in Reading Notebook
***Use the play we were working on in class if you need some ideas!!!
2. Be working on your Reading Log!!!!  They will be handed in on Monday!!!!  READ, READ, READ!!!!!!!!!!! 
****Record your pages at school and at home!!!  Record the amount of time to see if you can improve your reading stamina!!!!  Use thinking stems to vary your reflections!!!!!  Most important THINK while you READ!!!!! 
Tuesday 10/1
1.  Challeges I might Have Overcome as a Reader... in Reading Notebook
2.  Reading, read, read...!!!!!
***Remember to use Thinking Stems to focus your reflection. 
Monday 9/30 
 Read 20-30 minutes and record your reading in your reading log!!! 
*Reading logs will be explained in more detail tomorrow!!!!
****ELA Pretest today!!!!! 
Friday 9/27
sm  No Homework!!!
Thursday 9/26
1.  My Recipe For a Delicious Book:
*Please have fun with this one!!!  Add all the ingredients that you think make a great book!!!  Draw on some of your favorites for inspiration!!!!!!
2.  I Read it and LOVED IT!
*****Both responses in Reading NB. 
Wednesday 9/25
sm  No Homework!!!  
***Library Today!!!!
Tuesday 9/24
Book Orders Due Tomorrow!!!!! (Online or checks only!!!!) 
Monday 9/23
"Reading is the best for me when..." and "I don't enjoy reading as much when..."
  in Reading NB. 
Friday 9/20
smile  No Homework!!!!!
Thursday 9/19
"Top 10 Favorite Books" in NB.
Scholastic Book Orders Due Wednesday 9/25 (Checks or Online Only)
*For online code go to Ms. Schukal's webpage
Wednesday 9/18
"Types of Texts I like" in NB.
*Can include different genres, magazines, comics, trade books, specialty books, newspapers,... 
Tuesday 9/17
"My Ideal Reading Space" in NB.
*Try creating this space for yourself at home!!!!! 
Monday 9/16
"What was Reading like for you last year?" in your reading notebook
   *Be reflective and think about what you liked and/or didn't like.