Kelly Hanna

Kindergarten News
Happy winter!   I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!  We are busy with learning how to blend our sounds together to make words and reading!  We are starting  with the Raz-Kids reading program on the computer.  It's a great source for books that are on your child's level.You will be able to use this up until the end of August.  A letter will be coming home to explain how to log on to your child's account.
February Themes:
snowmen, Valentines Day, needs and wants and sing our senses to explore our world 
Writers Workshop Focus:
This month we will focus on How-To-Writing
Wilson Fundations Skill:
C-V-C words with short vowel sounds (tapping and blending sounds)
Word Study Focus:
our 25 sight words from our list
Readers Workshop:
The students will be focusing on:
  • Non-fiction stories
  • Being exposed to different genres
  • Buddy reading
  • strategies to help with accuracy i.e.: tapping/sounding out words, to help with decoding. using pictures to help with decoding.