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"Our children, our school, our future..."
Friday, August 22, 2014
5:20:37 PM
Have A Great Summer!  
       October 21, 2013
 Dear Fishkill Plains Families,

 Greetings! I’m writing today after having the opportunity to eagerly meet all the wonderful children, faculty and staff here at Fishkill Plains on my first day as the new principal. I can’t begin to tell you how everyone has welcomed me with warmth and support. I was amazed by the number of students who already knew me and amused by some of the questions I was asked. I am going to love my new home! 

I am a product of the district. I have learned the importance of a positive, safe, friendly, nurturing and learning environment. I plan to provide these essential components, daily for every student, faculty, and staff member. I also look forward to working with you and our families, as we begin our work together to support our kids to do well at school and at home. 

Tomorrow night, I will be attending our PTA meeting at 7:00 and would love the opportunity to meet you there. 

I am very excited and honored to serve this community and will work hard to gain your trust and respect.

I look forward to meeting all of you!


 Eric T. Seipp

Lest you think I would forget about you as parents, here is a great list of books for you to read over the summer:
How to avoid summer learning loss aka the Summer Slide, by Barbara Dianis.
June 2013
Another article I stumbled upon through Twitter that I thought was meaningful for us all. It was written by Dr. Michele Borba titled, How Not To Raise a Quitter. The idea of perseverance and grit stand out for me in this article. Enjoy
March 2013
A recent article that I wanted to share from our school social worker, titled, The Stories That Bind Us, by Bruce Feiler. It is a great article on improving student resiliency and the importance of teaching about family.
February 2013
A recent twitter article that I discovered about developing lifelong learners, written by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D, a developmental psychologist who writes about the roots of positive growth and well-being. Developing the love of learning and the desire to become a lifelong learner is a goal of both educators and parents. Click here for the entire article.
Here is an excerpt from the article:

When we think of scholars like Socrates, Einstein, or Aristotle, we are reminded of great learners and their eternal quest for knowledge. But how do we develop that quest in children and teens – the drive that propels them to embrace the practice of learning throughout their lives?

I used to believe learning was for the young. If we learned enough in school, we’d be prepared for careers and families. But as I have grown older --- and hopefully wiser --- I know that learning comes with each new day.
February 2013
As we are always searching for ways to improve our children's reading habits and the quality of the reading experience,  I found an interesting article titled, "6 Ways to Help Kids Become Quality Readers", by Steve Reifman. When you get the chance, please read and enjoy.

A friend forwarded me this N.Y. Times article by Madeline Levine called, "Raising Successful Children." When you get the chance, please read it and let me know your thoughts.
Another interesting article for Parents on Why Educators Should Let Students Fail. The article, from Education Week  states, "Students should be allowed to experience failure and rejection, so they can learn resiliency and become more motivated to succeed."