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  • Partner Picking

    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 10/23/2013
    We are learning to work together.  We practiced how to ask someone to be partners and how to accept in a positive, kind way.  We are really good at using kind body language, making eye contact, smiling, and asking and accepting our partners in a nice way.  sdifsdjgsjagnvjwrbg
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  • Sentences

    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 10/23/2013
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  • Mod. 2 Rules!

    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 10/3/2013
    In David Goes to School by D. Shannon, David does NOT follow any classroom rules! 
    We used this read aloud to help us brainstorm rules we'd like our classmates to follow.  We came up with many specific rules that all fell into these broad 6 categories:
    1.  We use polite kind words.
    2.  We keep our hands to ourselves.
    3.  We repsect people speaking by giving 5 (eyes watching, mouth quiet, hands and feet still, ears listening, sitting up straight).
    4.  We do our best work.
    5.  We follow directions the first time they are given.
    6.  We follow the bus, playground, and cafeteria rules. 
    We then reflected on the rules and chose the one that poses the biggest challenge to us this year.  We wrote the rule and made a David craft to go with it. 
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  • Diwali

    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 12/11/2012
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  • Arrays!

    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 12/4/2012
    An array is a way to represent a number in equal groups.  The groups are shown in neat rows and columns.
    We created some Cheerio arrays in school.  
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    Some of us created arrays at home for extra credit.  Solve these math array stories!
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    Here are some of Matty's arrays!  What's the sum?  What's the product? 
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    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 12/3/2012
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    We made handprint turkeys!
    Check out our "thankful turkeys"!  Each feather represents someone or something we appreciate. 
    Good readers visualize as they read. 
    Check out some of the mental movies we made 
    while reading this hysterical poem!
    The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven
    by Jack Prelutsky 

    The turkey shot out of the oven
    and rocketed into the air.
    It knocked every plate off the table
    and partly demolished a chair.

    It ricocheted into a corner
    and burst with a deafening boom,
    then splattered all over the kitchen,
    completely obscuring the room.

    It stuck to the walls and the windows.
    It totally coated the floor.
    There was turkey attached to the ceiling
    where there'd never been turkey before.

    It blanketed every appliance.
    It smeared every saucer and bowl.
    There wasn't a way I could stop it.
    That turkey was out of control.

    I scraped and I scrubbed with displeasure
    and thought with chagrin as I mopped
    that I'd never again stuff a turkey
    with popcorn that hadn't been popped.
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    We made placemats for our 2nd Grade Sharing Feast. 
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  • Memoirs

    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 11/15/2012
    A memoir is a piece of writing about your own life.  We read this book to help us generate ideas of own memories.  What memory makes you laugh? Cry? Feel warm? Is as precious as gold? Is from long ago? 
    We read many memoirs to help us get a feel for this genre!
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  • Fire Prevention!

    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 11/15/2012
    Fire Prevention Week was in October.  The local fire department came to teach us about fire safety.  We had a blast!
    spark1  hose3  hose4  hose5 hose6  hose1  hose2
    Here is one of our students and her aunt practicing her home fire escape plan. Remember to get low under the smoke!
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  • Symbols

    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 10/11/2012
    A symbol is something that represents something else.  The golden arches represent McDonalds!  A swoosh represents Nike.  We have been learning about American Symbols.  Some of us brought in symbols from other countries too!
    Check out these:
    Chinese Symbols, Mexican Symbols, ... more to come!
    ch symbolawe ysmb121324
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  • Short Vowel Game

    Posted by Michele Bresnahan at 10/8/2012
    We practiced our short vowel sounds with this fun review game.  Play at home and you'll get bonus points on your Fundations Test!  All you need is a pencil and paper clip to make the spinner.
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